Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether You're Selling or Buying, You Need the Right Team

Selling Your Company

Selling a privately-held business can pose unique challenges different from any other type of business transaction. For a business owner selling your business, this transaction will likely be the biggest financial event in your life.  If your business is a family-owned business, you have additional complexities and family dynamics to navigate to make sure the deal is a success.  With so much to navigate and so much at stake, you can’t risk getting advice from just any law firm.  You need an experienced business law firm with deep mergers and acquisitions experience you can count on.  That’s us.

The sale process can be stressful to business owners and often comes with many ups and downs in order to get to the closing table.  We are sensitive to the unique dynamics of your company and provide you with a steady hand to guide you throughout.  We help you navigate the various turns and hurdles of the sales process so that you keep your end goals in sight. Our M&A team prepares you to ensure that you understand what is going on at each stage of the sale process from beginning negotiations through the closing date. 

Buying a Company

Undertaking an acquisition can be daunting, long and expensive. We have deep knowledge and experience in M&A, corporate governance, real estate and other areas that come into play with acquisitions.  Our sophisticated counsel maximizes efficiency and value, streamlines delivery time and reduces client costs compared to much larger law firms.

We focus on middle-market deals for clients who value a dedicated deal team, consistency in approach to deal terms and risk allocation, and a due diligence process that positions you well for successful integration of the acquired company.

In terms of staffing deals, we start by establishing a core deal team for each client to maintain consistency and continuity, and if the need arises, we have the depth to handle multiple deals simultaneously for a client. Our deal teams can draw on experienced transactional lawyers with a wide range of functional specialties, including securities, tax, intellectual property, antitrust, benefits and labor. This enables us to ensure that deals are structured properly and meet the client's strategic and economic objectives.

In an effort to improve deal predictability, enhance process efficiency and ensure clear communication, we have developed a tool that helps to guide in-house lawyers in analyzing the complexity of each M&A transaction, allowing Perkins Coie to then prepare custom budget and staffing plans.

Thank You

Thanks for your interest. I know you have a lot of options when it comes to legal planning. Garza Law LLC has been the trusted partner of clients across the country. I look forward to meeting with you. Schedule today!

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