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Business Succession Planning

Our Approach To

Succession Planning

Our method involves a strategic planning process that guides your business transitions smoothly, preserving your legacy as you pass it to its next phase.

Business Succession Planning Attorney New York

Passing Down Your Legacy

Value Beyond Finances

As a business owner, you recognize that your legacy encompasses more than just monetary wealth—it embodies your family and your impact on the world through your work. When you’re no longer present or capable, your loved ones, family, business partners, clients, vendors, and others will deeply feel your absence. Your business needs to continue thriving to support them, leaving a meaningful and manageable legacy.

Providing Lasting Wisdom To Your Successors

The wealth of lessons we’ve gathered over time is one of our most valuable assets, often unintentionally passed down to the next generation. We understand that the past’s lessons hold immense value when harnessed and built upon. We’ve developed a proprietary process to help pass on these crucial lessons directly, clearly, and consciously as part of your business succession planning.

Strategically Plan For Your Exit

Your Exit Strategy Matters Today

Every business setup is designed with your eventual transition in mind, whether it involves selling, sustaining income, or handing it over in the future. Considering your legacy and the future of your business after you leave is the foundation of smart business strategy for today’s decisions, growth, and development processes.

Succession Planning Is An On-Going Conversation

We believe in having an ongoing dialogue with our clients, covering your personal life and the future of your business. Together, we’ll explore how today’s choices impact your life and business. Our goal is to help shape your business plans so they keep serving you, your loved ones, your family, business partners, clients, employees, vendors, and others. Whether you’re taking a vacation, a health break, or passing it on to successors.

Plan, Prepare & Protect Your Business

Preparing For Life’s Unexpected Events

Life can bring surprises that affect your business. If a business partner or you need to leave, can’t work, get divorced, or pass away, it can disrupt your business significantly. We’re here to help you prepare and put plans in place to protect your business from these life events.

Departure (When You or a Business Partner Decides to Leave) We’ll assist you in planning for the time when essential people choose to leave the business.

Divorce (When You or a Business Partner Is Getting Divorced) We’ll help you plan and protect your business if you or a business partner gets divorced.

Disability (When You or a Business Partner Can’t Work) 

We’ll help you create a plan in case you or a business partner can no longer work.

Death (When You or a Business Partner Passes Away) 

We’ll help you prepare for the situation if you or a business partner passes away. This way, your business will have a plan to move forward without significant disruptions.

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