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attorney len garza discusses whether employers can legally require staff to return to work

Len sits down with LA's very own KTLA to discuss the obligations companies have to accommodate worker safety concerns. Full story.

how to assess if your business has a strong foundation

Len Garza talks with Entrepreneur about the five important items to check off of your to-do list before you launch your business. Full Story.

Strategic alliances for SMEs in 2021

Len sits down with Lauren Johnson of FOX29’s Good Day Philadelphia to talk about what businesses can do to survive in 2021 and more.

picking the right corporate structure for your business

Len Garza stops by Talking With the Experts with Rose Davidson to talk about business entity formation, succession planning, and more.

important considerations when reviewing consultant subcontractor agreements - interview with Len Garza, Esq.

Len Garza discusses legal considerations when reviewing subcontractor agreements for consultants and other professional service providers.

Len Garza stops by iHeartRadio for a talk with Cyrus Webb at ConversationsLIVE with tips for startups and other emerging businesses to optimize growth.

morning coffee - interview of len garza, Esq. of GARZA law (October 16, 2020)

Len Garza discusses legal considerations for starting a business in the pandemic.

special purpose entities and special purpose vehicles - interview with Len Garza, Esq.

Attorney Len Garza explains SPEs/SPVs, their use and their benefit to a company looking to isolate financial risk.

looking for the exit - exit strategies for selling your business - interview with len garza, esq.

Attorney Len Garza explains some of the top legal considerations to think about when you're looking to sell your business.

get it in writing: when you need a written contract and why? - interview with len garza, Esq.

Attorney Len Garza explains various types of necessary written agreements and why every business needs them.

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