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How You Can Really Protect Your Family This Year

New Year, New You? 

With the holidays over and 2024 getting into gear, how do you feel about the road ahead? 

Did you make any resolutions?  Get to the gym more?  Eat healthier?  Spend more quality time with family?  Maybe it’s to cut back on the Ben & Jerry’s. We all have areas for improvement, right?

A statistic said most people who set New Year’s resolutions give up on them by the middle of February (if they even last that long).  And I can see where that’s true if the resolution is just some hazy wish.  You and I know that if we really want to achieve what we want – the big important things in life, we need to get specific.  Wishy-washy hoping for something is not enough.

Getting specific matters.  Getting detailed with your goals matters

I’m a big Napolean Hill fan.  As he said in Think and Grow Rich, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

Getting specific with your goals is especially important when it comes to important areas like family and your business.  And it’s even more important when it comes to things that are easy to put off and that you don’t want to think about. 

The Scary Questions

So what are important questions we avoid but that have big-time impact on our lives?  What are the “keep you up at night” questions?

Do you know what would happen to your family if you die or become incapacitated?

How about your business?  What would they do if all of the sudden you weren’t there anymore – Could they survive?  Would they know what to do?

You know it’s important to get a handle on these questions.  But you’ve gotta get your kids dressed for school.  You’ve gotta answer these emails right now.  You’ve got your life to live and your business to run.

But if YOU don’t have time to deal with this now, how will your family be able to deal with it when you’re gone?  Will they know what to do with all your bank accounts?  Your home?  Your business?  Would they even know all the assets and other stuff you have and where it is?  Do you have a plan to make sure your business and your family don’t get into a fight over your business ownership after you die? 

Your biggest enemy:  Procrastination

You’ve heard me say it.  I’ll continue saying it.  The ostrich with its head in the sand is not a strategy.  The thinking that “everything will take care of itself” is not a strategy.  Let’s face it; life is unpredictable. One day you’re at the helm of your thriving business, and the next, you could be out of the picture. Then like a full shopping cart pushed down a hill, everything you have is set to go flying out of the cart and it’s up to your loved ones to clean it up.  Cleaning it up is messy.  It’s fraught with stress, frustration, and chaos.  And it’s expensive financially, not to count the emotional cost, too.

Get Out in Front of This

So what do you do?  First you realize there’s a problem.  That’s right now – you’re reading this so now you know. 

But what’s next?  This can be overwhelming to think about.  Where do you even start?  Maybe you think, I’ll Google this, I’ll ask around my family and friends.  But that all just puts more on your plate.  You’re still trying to figure it out yourself.  The busier you are, the easier it becomes to fall back into putting this off another month, another year, and another year – until it’s too late.

Beat the “putting it off” mentality – Take action NOW

There’s a better way.  Take decisive action now.  Get help from someone who will guide you exactly where you need to go and through exactly what you need to do and won’t let you stop until the job is complete.  Like a personal trainer drives and motivates you in a gym, we make sure you hit your goals.

Ready to make your mark this year and truly protect your family?  Start by scheduling a Vision Session with me. We’ll dive deep into your family, your business, uncovering every risk and opportunity. Together, we’ll craft a fortress around your life’s work, ensuring your legacy is protected. 

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